CM Punk Locked Into “Lengthy” AEW Deal, Not Looking To Gauge WWE Interest

CM Punk

From the moment that it was reported that CM Punk was backstage at WWE Raw, speculation about his future and motives behind the visit has run wild.

Punk appeared backstage at the taping on April 24th and spent some time chatting with talent before being asked to leave by security at the behest of Vince McMahon. It was noted that several talents were taken by surprise upon seeing Punk, while many in AEW were in disbelief.

In a fresh update, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has attempted to clear up much of the speculation, sharing a timeline of the visit.

CM Punk had been in Florida over the weekend while working for the MMA promotion Cage Fury Fighting Championships. In leaving Florida he ended up on a plane featuring a number of WWE talents and a producer.

After learning that Raw was taking place at the Allstate Arena near his home in Chicago, Punk was taken backstage once arriving. It is said that there were no “secret meetings” and Punk stayed in a common area for the entirety of his visit. During this period he bumped into Triple H and the pair shook hands, with Punk asking if it was okay for him to visit and if could he speak with The Game if he had time.

Triple H allegedly said that he would need to make sure with the “big guy.” A reference to Vince McMahon.

Punk stayed and chatted with a number of talents including The Miz, who he spoke to for “some time,” clearing the air between them. He was reportedly greeted warmly by those who saw him, the surprised reactions of “What was he doing here?” coming from those who didn’t see him.

After around 20 minutes Punk was informed by security that he would need to leave. He was respectful of the decision and said his goodbyes before leaving.

CM Punk Not Looking To Make WWE Switch

While one source said that Punk was asked to leave as he is under AEW contract, another pointed to Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo attending the WWE Hall of Fame as proof that this wasn’t the case. The second source also noted the “legal” history between Punk and WWE following his departure in 2014.

Johnson dismissed talk that Punk was there to gauge interest from WWE, noting that he has a “lengthy” amount of time left on his AEW deal. Those in AEW were said to be surprised by the news of the visit as were those in WWE who didn’t see him.

One person under a WWE contract stated that it appeared that Punk was trying to kill any heat between himself and The Miz, suggesting this might have been the same reason he asked to speak to Triple H.

The report closes by adding that Punk seemingly decided to attend on a whim due to the taping being so close to his home.