CM Punk Led A Locker Room Meeting Regarding Creative For Collision

CM Punk makes his entrance on AEW Collision

It appears that CM Punk, along with his Collision comrades, want the show to differ from AEW Dynamite.

CM Punk is looking to cultivate more “Colliders” as the show progresses weekly and according to Fightful Select, the two-time AEW World Champion led a locker room meeting before the July 8 episode of the program.

A big chunk of the conversation focused on how the show can stand out differently than its Wednesday counterpart and this reportedly caused added interest by the usual Dynamite detractors.

What All Was Covered In The Collision Meeting Led By CM Punk?

CM Punk and the Collision regulars went over how Saturday nights can be creatively different from Wednesday. In addition to shenanigans, the finishes of some matches were talked about as to what could be changed.

Additionally, the talent were also thinking from a promotional standpoint as they had a big goal in wanting to further push the AEW Fight Forever video game. Fightful also reports that some of the recent guidelines regarding in-ring safety was also a topic discussed.

If a fan were to be following both the Dynamite and Collision products some stark differences could be documented. In addition to the look and presentation of each show, the focus of talent als o is distinct. Since his return, Punk only showed up on Dynamite once as he’s been the primary flag-bearer for Saturday nights at 8 PM ET. Just last week he competed against Ricky Starks in the finals of the Owen Hart Cup tournament.