CM Punk Reveals Why He Could “Go To Jail” For Facing Hook

CM Punk cuts a promo

CM Punk has opened up about who he wants to wrestle in AEW, including one particular fast-rising star.

While CM Punk is now firmly embedded within AEW and has squared off against the likes of Darby Allin and MJF, there are still a huge number of prospective dream matches on the table.

Punk has previously spoken of his desire to face the best that the company and the world has to offer and it appears that nothing has changed.

Speaking to Abe Kanan, the former World Champion revealed that he would like to wrestle Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson just to name a few.

“If you look at, Cody, he’s a big one. I’d really like to mess with Cody and his fans. Mr. ‘I don’t want to be a bad guy,’ I’ll tell you what you’re going to be. Young Bucks, I’m always backstage pitching ideas for me and a tag partner against the Young Bucks. I really want to tag with Bryan Danielson. I’ll fight him too. How about Jon Moxley? I’ve never wrestled Jon Moxley. I’ve wrestled Dean Ambrose.

Would love [to wrestle Kenny Omega]. I don’t know what’s going on with Kenny, though. I read what everybody else areas and I hear things about surgery and whatnot, but I don’t know how positive or true that is, I just know he’s banged up and I’m glad he’s taking some time off. When CM Punk does wrestle Kenny Omega, I want him to be 100%.”

Punk also cast his eye over to arguably the fastest-rising star in AEW at present, Hook. To date the the second-generation star has seen off all-comers in impressive style, becoming a cult hero with the AEW faithful in the process.

Addressing his would-be rival, Punk said he wouldn’t want to be put in jail for hurting his much younger counterpart.

“How about HOOK? That kid, for the first time, somebody is making memes saying ‘so and so fears HOOK, CM Punk fears HOOK.’ Yeah. I do. 100%. I’m 43 years old, he’s like 16. I don’t want to get in trouble. You hurt a teenager, you go to jail for that sort of thing,”

On the February 2nd edition of Dynamite, CM Punk tasted defeat for the first time since joining AEW. In his long-awaited battle with MJF, it was the cocky upstart who claimed the win, despite Punk breaking out his famous Pepsi Plunge for the first time in 17-years.

However, the win was not without controversy as MJF received a helping hand to get the job done from his enforcer Wardlow.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.