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CM Punk Explains ‘AC’ & ‘CF’ Initials On His Sneakers

CM Punk

CM Punk has commented on the initials he has sported on his sneakers during his appearances for AEW and says they’re perhaps not what people think.

On August 20th the worst kept secret in professional wrestling was revealed on AEW: Rampage The First Dance in the United Center, Chicago when CM Punk made his return to wrestling after a seven-year hiatus.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that during the former WWE Champion’s first appearances with the company he had what appeared to be initials penned on his shoes. This caused much speculation as the initials happened to belong to some wrestling stars whose future has been the cause of speculation lately.

In Chicago, Punk sported ‘AC’ and ‘CF’ which some took as referring to Adam Cole and Charlotte Flair. Cole’s WWE contract expired on the 27th of August with the company reportedly sending a memo around the company to confirm his departure. Although Charlotte Flair is a main player on RAW and the current RAW Women’s Champion, her fiancé Andrade El Idolo is a part of AEW and her father Ric Flair recently asked for and was granted his release bringing an end to his third stint in WWE. Flair has appeared for AAA and NWA following his departure with many believing The Nature Boy is AEW bound.

According to Punk who was speaking to Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post, there was an altogether more innocent explanation:

“I stole this from LeBron James; a lot of basketball players will write messages on their shoes and stuff. I wrote AC on my shoes and CF on the other foot. AC is Always Chicago and CF is Chicago Forever.”

While Punk was paying tribute to his hometown through his ‘AC’ and ‘CF’ messages, he did not elaborate on the ‘BW’ and ‘BD’ initials that he sported in Milwaukee on AEW Dynamite. Many fans have been speculating that these referred to Bray Wyatt and Bryan Danielson – the former Daniel Bryan.