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CM Punk Endorses Danhausen Using GTS, KENTA Hilariously Responds


CM Punk has endorsed Ring of Honor star Danhausen using the GTS during his match at the ROH 19th Anniversary event. However, KENTA has issues with Punk’s use of the move.

Responding to Danhausen’s tweet thanking him for the move, Punk, who popularised the finisher during his time in WWE, suggested Danhausen contact KENTA, who he referred to as ‘the other guy’ since he “seems sensitive about it”.

“You might wanna buzz the other guy because he seems sensitive about it. Fully endorsed over here though! Very kneevil.”

KENTA, who created the move during his time in Pro-Wrestling NOAH, hilariously responded to say he was excited to see anyone use the GTS, except Punk.

“HEY This is “THE OTHER GUY” I’m super excited to see anyone use Go 2 Sleep EXCEPT FOR YOU. GOOD NIGHT”

Last year, KENTA took some shots at Punk over the move, going so far as to suggest the multi-time WWE Champion should pay him royalties for using it. Punk himself has admitted to stealing the move in the past.

Unfortunately for Danhausen, the GTS was not enough for him to win his bout, a Four Corner Survival match to determine the number one contender for the ROH Television Title. Brian Johnson came out the victor after hitting Danhausen with ‘The Process’ for the pinfall.