Road Dogg Claims CM Punk Using Cult Of Personality In AEW Made ‘Zero Sense’

CM Punk leaning on turnbuckle

Road Dogg is laying down criticism on CM Punk.

Once upon a time, CM Punk said goodbye to the professional wrestling industry, but in 2021, “Cult Of Personality” by Living Colour would blast in an AEW arena, and it would happen for the first time ever. Instantly, fans knew that CM Punk was back in the business.

As far as the response from the wrestling world, most people were shocked, however, there was also a lot of his anticipation behind Punk’s return as well. When Punk made his comeback, he was hit waves of positivity, while All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan was thrown questions on hoe got the rights to “Cult Of Personality.”

Ever since “Cult Of Personality” made its debut in 2011 as CM Punk’s theme song, several fans throughout the years have described the feeling that they get when they hear the song, achieving that sensation whether attending a live event or watching AEW TV. In WWE, Punk would first use the song against John Cena in a match that saw him contest for the WWE Championship. CM Punk has said before that he pushed WWE to buy the songs’ rights despite it being expensive, which the company ended up doing.

Current WWE executive Brian “Road Dogg” James recently took to his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast to speak about Punk and his theme, saying that AEW made a mistake by spending the money to get the rights, and that CM Punk had no reason to use the song in his new promotion.

“Buying Cult of Personality for CM Punk makes zero sense to me. Yes that was his theme song for a minute, but why? [Whatever song they would’ve picked for his return] would’ve been fine, it would’ve been CM Punk’s new song and they could’ve found one in a music library that was close enough to where we can either copy this, rip it off a little bit, change it a little bit and own it, or we can just use that one, pay the library costs.

I don’t know, I don’t think the Cult of Personality defines him in my mind or not. I don’t know if I’m just bringing that up because I’m negative about him all the time.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.