CM Punk Confirms What Caused His Foot Injury

CM Punk AEW World Champion

CM Punk has confirmed what caused the foot injury that led to him having to miss the summer and an Interim AEW World Champion being crowned.

Punk addressed the injury at a wild and controversial media scrum after the All Out pay-per-view that saw Punk regain the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley in the main event.

While the scrum generated headlines regarding Punk’s thoughts on Hangman Adam Page and The Elite, what got lost in the shuffle was Punk revealing what caused the foot injury that caused the star to miss months of action. According to CM Punk, it all stemmed from one of his stage dives into the crowd:

“I did the stage dive, what an idiot. I must have hit my foot on the top of the guard rail, but I didn’t feel it. You would think that sh*t would hurt, but people caught me, put me back down, I waited for FTR, it just didn’t feel right. I thought I just whacked it, but then I wrestled on it, blew a springboard, came off the top with a double axe, did all this sh*t.”

“What I eventually did was, yeah, I fractured my foot, but then I pulverized the bone. Surgery was supposed to be an hour, it wound up being four a half (hours). I got three plates and 16 screws in my foot and I essentially have a new foot now. It is 100%, but it’s a new 100%.”

“Every day, I rehab. This is the worst injury I’ve ever had. I was in the bedroom for two weeks and it was really hard for me because I wanted to have this great summer, do good for Tony, sell tickets, draw money and ratings.”

h/t Fightful