CM Punk Compares WWE Debut To Being At High School

CM Punk in WWE ECW

CM Punk did not have a positive first experience on the WWE main roster.

Appearing on a dark match during an episode of Sunday Night Heat in 2005, Punk would debut against Rob Begley on July 25th. The match was also the debut of Mickie James, with the plan being that they would be an onscreen couple.

Speaking at the Cauliflower Alley Club [Filmed by Sports Guys Talking Wrestling], Punk mentioned how he had reservations about the entrance with the future Women’s Champion:

“I remember pulling Mickie aside and going, ‘This isn’t going to work. They’re gonna boo the s–t out of me, and you’re gonna take the stray for this one. We came up with an elaborate entrance, and I think might have kissed, and that was the kiss … the instant I kissed you [Mickie] in front of Cleveland, they might have started throwing f—ing garbage at me.”

Knowing that his match wasn’t as good as he had hoped, Punk then recalled what the atmosphere was like when he came backstage, explaining how some well-known members of the roster reacted to him:

“I proceeded to have an okay match, but it wasn’t up to snuff,” Punk continued. “I remember getting to the back and Arn [Anderson], Hunter [Triple H], and Shawn [Michaels] were just standing in the corner, and it felt like high school because they were pointing at me, and I knew they were talking about me. I was like, ‘Oh god, I guess I s–t the bed.'”

CM Punk Unlikely To Be At AEW All Out

Currently suspended by AEW, CM Punk has had minimal contact with Tony Khan following the incident that took place backstage at the All In pay-per-view. In the latest development of the story, it is reported that Punk “lunged” at Khan before a number of people got in his way.

With the latest developments and an investigation ongoing, the chances of the former World Champion appearing at the Chicago pay-per-view are minimal.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.