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CM Punk Comments On Potential Showdown With Samoa Joe

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During the early 2000’s CM Punk and Samoa Joe battled in a trilogy of matches which are still spoken about in hushed tones of reverence to this very day.

The matches in Ring Of Honor cemented the promotion as the place to be for pure, hard hitting professional wrestling, while the contests were acclaimed by fans and journalists alike. With Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer giving the second match in the series a five-star rating. It was the first match in ROH history to receive that accolade.

While the two men eventually went their separate ways, with Joe settling in TNA and Punk signing for WWE after his own brief stay with Nashville promotion, the allure of more matches between the two remained.

Following CM Punk’s departure from WWE in January 2014, the former WWE World Champion effectively retired from professional wrestling. Thus making a potential clash against Joe seemingly impossible.

However, following Samoa Joe’s own WWE departure on April 15th 2021, a whole raft of potential dream match-ups have once again become possible.

Responding to a fan question on Twitter, asking if there was a chance that CM Punk could face Joe in the near future, Punk responded, “Anything is possible”

Samoa Joe signed with WWE in 2015. Debuting in NXT, Joe quickly rose to the top of the roster winning the NXT Championship. Joe debuted on the main roster in January 2017, and despite initially being heavily featured, saw his momentum slowed following a series of injuries.

The former United States Champion would eventually transition into a role as a colour commentator on RAW. Joe’s last WWE appearance was at WrestleMania 37.

The release of Samoa Joe came as a shock to many, and came on the same day that WWE released a number of Superstars. Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Kalisto, Peyton Royce and Bo Dallas were among those who also left the company.