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CM Punk Apologises Over Deleted AEW Revolution Entrance Tweet

CM Punk AEW Revolution entrance

CM Punk has apologised over a now deleted tweet regarding his entrance at AEW Revolution.

At AEW Revolution, CM Punk went to war with MJF in a Brutal Dog Collar match. While the momentum in the clash swung back and forth, the level of violence remained consistently high for the duration.

Both men bled heavily and put their bodies on the line in one of the more destructive matches in recent memory.

Despite the carnage in the ring, CM Punk managed to cause a stir before he even walked down the ramp. MJF had been the first to appear and teased fans by playing the first few seconds of Punk’s Cult of Personality theme song as he walked through the curtain.

When Punk did appear he did so dressed in gear reminiscent of his time in Ring of Honor while it was his ROH theme song “Miseria Cantare” by AFI that played him to the ring. While many long-time fans rejoiced at the call back, others were left confused.

Paul Fontaine of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter tweeted, “What am I missing with this Punk entrance?”

After the show, Punk responded “A deep understanding of (storytelling), A brain.” The star has now deleted the reply and apologised for being “snarky.”

CM Punk’s homage to his former wrestling home comes after AEW President Tony Khan revealed that he has ourchased the company. Khan has since said that he expects to continue wrestling operations, while the deal also included ROH’s significant video library.

CM Punk first appeared in ROH back in 2002, remaining with the company until signing with WWE four years later. During this time, he established himself as one of the top wrestlers in the world, winning the ROH World Championship, as well as the Tag Team Championships twice.

While with the promotion, Punk engaged in a lengthy feud with Samoa Joe. Their trilogy of matches helped cement the company as the place to be for pure, hard hitting professional wrestling, while the contests were acclaimed by fans and journalists alike. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer awarded the second match in the series a five-star rating. It was the first match in ROH history to receive that accolade.