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CM Punk On His Throwback AEW Revolution Entrance

CM Punk Dog Collar

An emotional CM Punk has explained his throwback entrance and attire that he donned at AEW Revolution and says he’s happy Ring Of Honor “is in good hands.”

At Revolution, CM Punk turned back the clock as he emerged to take on MJF in a brutal Dog Collar Match. Rather than the familiar strains of Cult Of Personality, Punk walked to the ring while the crowd enjoyed singing along with AFI’s Miseria Cantare, the song The Best In The World used in Ring Of Honor.

Speaking on the post-Revolution media scrum, CM Punk explained his entrance and attire to Righteous Reg of The Grapsody Podcast and got emotional as he discussed his love for ROH:

“It was pretty important you know. I loved ROH so much and I can’t explain how happy I am that my footage is in good hands. It’s just good to know that it’s in the hands of somebody who’ll treat it well. I literally feel like my baby is in the hands of someone I know will raise the child the right way and do good things with it. It won’t get made into just some tab on a sh*tty confusing app that’s hard to navigate, and the boys don’t get paid off it. So it’s very good.”

“To pay homage to myself and stuff like that listen I didn’t get to do this for 7 years, for 7 years this didn’t exist for me. Obviously, the truth is I love professional wrestling very much so to come back and for six months – it’s not just doing whatever the f*ck you want, it’s doing whatever the f*ck you want and being cocky enough to know it’s not the right way, there’s never just one right way but it’s f*cking good.”

CM Punk went on to pay tribute to AEW President Tony Khan and says everything is great for him in AEW:

“To have somebody that listens to you and to have somebody that can take an idea and make it even better. Just to have an open dialogue, not just with [Tony Khan] but with people in the locker room, it’s great that you don’t have to beat your head against the wall and explain why your ideas are sh*tty and that I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t know what you’re doing. Everything’s just so great.”

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