CM Punk’s Shots At Adam Page On Dynamite Due To Real Life Heat

Adam Page Hits CM Punk

A new report has claimed that CM Punk’s comments about Hangman Adam Page on AEW Dynamite were the result of the World Champion “going into business for himself.”

The August 17th episode of AEW Dynamite opened in spectacular fashion with a blockbuster segment between CM Punk and Jon Moxley.

During his opening promo Punk took multiple digs at Moxley’s past in WWE as well as his current role in AEW, in response, Moxley said Punk only came to AEW for the money, before a huge brawl ensued.

However, before Punk addressed Moxley he also took aim at the man he defeated for the AEW World Championship, Hangman Adam Page. Punk branded the former champion a coward, and challenged him to a rematch on the spot, despite him not being there.

It has now been reported that Punk’s remarks concerning Page were completely off script, and no one backstage was aware of the champion’s plans. Furthermore, the comments stem from real life issues between the pair.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez confirmed that Punk’s barbs at Page were completely off script and caught everyone off guard.

Dave Meltzer: “If you’re wondering about the CM Punk thing at the start of the show with Adam Page, that was weird. For everyone. As in, nobody knew he was going to do that.

If you remember months ago when they were feuding and they said that there’s a lot of reality to it, well, there’s a lot of reality to it. I don’t know what the deal was, and nobody else does either.

Punk was supposed to go out there and talk about Moxley and build the match. And he did, after he talked about Adam Page…”

On Dynamite it was also announced that the huge unification match between Punk and Moxley will be taking place on the August 24th edition of Dynamite, and not All Out as expected. This sparked speculation that Punk will meet Page at All Out instead. However, this will not be the case.

Bryan Alvarez: “Well I should mention also since a lot of people have read the wrong thing into that. Whatever they’re gonna do next week with the title match, I saw a lot of people saying ‘Oh you know it’s probably gonna be Punk and Hangman at All Out because of Punk’s promo at the beginning of the show.’

Punk’s promo at the beginning of the show had absolutely zero, zilch, to do with whatever they’re gonna do at the pay-per-view. So don’t read into that, ‘Oh maybe they’re gonna do this or that,’ that was not supposed to happen. Punk went into business for himself and then moved on.

Which was bullsh*t actually because he called the guy out, and it was off script, so of course Hangman’s not gonna come out. Then Punk calls him a coward, like what?”

Continuing on, Meltzer confirmed that no one knew that Punk was going to make comments towards Page, before speculating that Punk may have been upset over something Page said during their programme earlier in the year.

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