CM Punk Pins Adam Page To Become AEW World Champion

CM Punk

With victory over Adam Page at AEW Double or Nothing, CM Punk has been crowned the new AEW World Champion.

Prior to May 29th 2022, CM Punk hadn’t held a World Championship since January 27th 2013, but at Double or Nothing that all changed.

In a stunningly hard-hitting contest, both men were booed by the crowd at various points before milking the raucous reaction. While both stars enjoyed moments of dominance, the tide turned when Hangman appeared to jar his knee hitting a Moonsault to the outside, which hindered him for the rest of the match.

Despite this, Hangman thought he had the match won after delivering a GTS, but somehow Punk lifted his shoulder from the canvas nanoseconds before the referee’s hand hit for the three count. As the wild brawl continued, Punk got Page up for the GTS but his legs knocked down the referee, enabling Hangman to retaliate with a thunderous lariat.

With the referee down, Page picked up the World Title belt and contemplated hitting his rival with it to seal the win. However, his conscience got the better of him and he set up for the Buckshot Lariat instead.

Yet somehow, Punk reversed again and hit the GTS to score an emotional win.

When CM Punk walked away from WWE in early 2014, it was widely expected, including by the man himself, that he would never wrestle again. However, fast forward even years and the allure of AEW proved too much as Punk laced up his boots once again.

Over the next eight months Punk set about proving that not only could he still ‘go,’ but that he was still the ‘Best in the World.’

This journey saw him defeat the likes of MJF, Darby Allin, and Dax Harwood as he rose to become number one contender for the World Championship.