CM Punk Said To Have Acted Like “A Total Psycho” During All Out Backstage Brawl

CM Punk

On October 25th it was reported that the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega would soon be returning to AEW for the first time since All Out. At the same time, a separate report revealed claims from CM Punk that his dog had been injured in the brawl at the event.

It was claimed by Punk’s camp that at All Out his dressing room door was “kicked in” and in the process, hit his dog Larry in the face. This resulted in him having two teeth taken out at an already arranged veterinarian appointment.

However, further reports have since come to light which dispute these claims, with the story being branded a “complete lie.”

CM Punk Acted Like A “Total Psycho”

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Melter relayed claims from people who were close to the situation, as well as someone who was reportedly in the room seconds after the incident took place. One person close to The Elite’s side claimed that Punk was “desperate,” while pointing to the fact there had been no mention of any injuries to Larry until now.

“A completely made up story,” said one person close to the other side. “He’s (Punk) losing (in the investigation results) and is desperate.

There was a multiple weeks long investigation and this was oddly not discovered? Hmm. Also, it’s so happened to be mentioned the moment there was news about (the Bucks & Omega) possibly coming back? It’s insane that people would even humor this,” and noted about the entire investigation on the situation being completed and how it turned out.

Another person there at the time said it’s very clear that the story about the dog never happened.”

Someone who was in the room immediately after the brawl said that CM Punk wasn’t concerned about the welfare of his dog in the moment, saying that he acted like a “total psycho.”

“Another person who was in the room seconds after the incident started who is not affiliated with either side, although ended up negative to Punk after it all went down, said, “The dog story is a complete lie. When the altercation was happening Punk was a total psycho and could’ve career PF less about the dog. Kenny picked the dog up to save him from being hurt and gave him to Megha.

Megha was holding the dog screaming at Punk to stop. Punk didn’t even register that his `baby’ was being held by a stranger in the middle of a fight. It didn’t stop him one bit.”

The person said they saw everything exactly as it happened and said, “They never spoke to Lucy Guy (the only person in the room who didn’t work regularly for AEW other than the security), cause she was a non factor. Sat in the corner the whole time as her husband was throwing chairs, punches and biting Kenny.”

Meltzer noted elsewhere that a top AEW star claimed that CM Punk would not be back in the company, commenting that he brought a “black cloud” backstage.

These comments come after it was reported that Chris Jericho spoke directly with CM Punk about his conduct at the media scrum, and the altercation that followed. It was claimed that Jericho told Punk he was a “cancer” in the locker room and a detriment to the company.