“CM Punk Is A B*tch, He’s Not A Good Dude” – Eddie Kingston

CM Punk Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston doesn’t like AEW World Champion CM Punk and he doesn’t care who knows it.

It’s no secret that CM Punk and Eddie Kingston do not get along. This much was evident during their feud in the latter part of 2021 which ended in a match between the pair at Full Gear.

However, after their match the pair mostly went their separate ways until August 17th on Dynamite when Punk referenced Kingston as he also took aim at Jon Moxley and Hangman Adam Page.

In reaction to the comments, the Mad King vented his frustration on social media writing that “Of course the c*nt says sh*t when I’m not there.”

Ahead of AEW All Out and the chaos sparked by CM Punk that followed, Eddie Kingston spoke to Busted Open Radio and gave his opinion on the AEW World Champion. Kingston said that maybe “Phil” just wants to be loved like him.

“That’s Phil’s MO, let’s just call it like it is. That’s Punk’s MO. My man has a Punk shirt there, God bless you, I’m happy you’re a fan of his. I’m not. He’s a bitch, but God bless. You can like a bitch, I don’t. I’m joking, it’s all good [seemingly to the fan]. I understand he’s a Chicago guy, I get it. Doesn’t mean I want to wrestle him. Punk’s not a good dude, I can’t care what he says,” said Kingston.

“Of course he’s going to talk trash when I’m not there. Of course he’s going to talk trash when the boss is in the way. I just think he likes me and he can’t get over it. Maybe Phillip wants to be like me. Maybe Phillip wants to be loved like me, I don’t know.”

Kingston explained that Punk isn’t the only AEW star he doesn’t like, although he stopped short of revealing why he doesn’t like the men in question.

“People think a lot of the stuff that I do is a work, or whatever they want to call it, because everybody likes using insider terms and be in the know. I’ll give it to you plain and simple. I don’t like (Chris) Jericho, I don’t like Bryan (Danielson), I don’t like Claudio (Castagnoli), I don’t like Punk. Those are the people I don’t like in this company. There is nothing you can say or do or tell me that makes them different to me. I know who they are,”

CM Punk is currently under the microscope following his explosive comments in the post-All Out media scrum which sparked a brawl backstage. It has since been reported that Punk could be gone from AEW by the end of September 7th.

Meanwhile, Kingston recently had his own backstage issues which saw him suspended after a confrontation with Sammy Guevara.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.