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Cinta De Oro, FKA Sin Cara, Says “There’s Life After WWE”

Sin Cara

Cinta de Oro, formerly Sin Cara, has sent a heartfelt message to anyone departing WWE or still within the company but feeling unhappy – saying there’s “life after WWE” and that the best thing to do is take the power into your own hands.

The former WWE Superstar told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy about how he believes a lot of talents don’t think there’s life after.

“I know there’s life after WWE. A lot of the guys don’t think there’s life, but there is. I just want to tell them that there’s a lot of talent out here that has that mindset and wants to keep working and if you’re not happy in your situation, I think you have the power to change it. Nobody else but you.”

The former Sin Cara went on to say speaking from your heart is the best thing you can do.

“If not, then why do you have all these excuses and you just say it in the locker room? If you want to speak out, speak out and and have, you know, the mindset to do it. And I’m pretty sure when you when you talk about… When you talk from your heart, you know, that’s the best thing you can do and nothing’s going to fail. It’s the truth.”

Cinta de Oro said being unhappy in the locker room transcends your job, and simply isn’t worth it.

“But if you continue to just being a place where they’re not using you then what’s the purpose of it? You’re not happy anymore. And then that reflects on every sense – your life, your family, your kids, everything. So it’s tough. But at the end of the day, I think the most important thing for us is to continue working and continue wrestling. That’s the thing that they can never take away from me. When I was in that ring, they can never take away my talent. They can take away the other stuff but not that. So I’m grateful for that.”

Cinta de Oro pinpointed WWE’s use of Mexican talent as somewhere he believes economics overtake art, and that some talents need stability.

“No, no, no. Obviously, as a Mexican… [He sighs] ..I’m a little obviously saddened because of the situation, because I understand that there’s a lot of great talent, that are great wrestlers out there that have been there and haven’t gotten those opportunities.

“Before I left, you know, I spoke with some of the guys also about that and a lot of them decided to stay, which fine. I understand that – economically. You get your cheque every week and you have that stability, economically, but they’re not happy.”

Thank you to Cinta de Oro for taking the time. You can read the full interview here.

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