Christopher Daniels On His Time In TNA – “All I Wanted Was To Be Heard”

Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels AEW’s head of talent relations has revealed the clauses put in wrestler’s contracts in TNA to stop them from ‘pushing back.’

Daniels joined TNA after the company’s inception in 2002. His run would see Daniels capture numerous championships in the company including the much-vaunted X Division Title four times.

‘The Fallen Angel’ left TNA for the second time in 2014 returning to work for Ring Of Honor. Daniels competed there before joining All Elite Wrestling in his dual role as wrestler and talent relations supremo.

Christopher Daniels was discussing his time in TNA on the AEW Unrestricted podcast with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards. Daniels would talk about his frustration in the company and felt that he wasn’t always listened to.

Daniels explained:

“The one thing that I do feel is different and where I don’t think we’ll make some of the same mistakes that TNA made was, in the creative process, I feel there is a collaboration rather than a feeling of exclusion. There are many times where I tried to comment on things happening with me and there was immediate push back. Not always, but often enough to where I ended up getting a reputation as being a guy who asked too many questions. It ended up hurting me at TNA.”

“There was even a point to where they put a clause in our contract that said, ‘If you keep pushing back, we’ll fire you,’ even though that’s in every contract any wrestler has ever signed. In AEW, there is a feeling of collaboration. They want to hear opinions. All I wanted [in TNA] was to be heard. I had an opinion and if you had an opinion that negated mine or convinced me to [see a different way], then at least I was heard.”

Christopher Daniels is currently one half of the number one ranked tag team in AEW alongside Frankie Kazarian. On AEW Dynamite it was mentioned that the SCU members are in line for an AEW Tag Team Championship match. The duo are also part of a storyline where they say their team will disband if they are defeated.

Daniels SCU teammate Scorpio Sky recently appeared to embrace his villainous side on Dynamite. Sky had previously won the ‘Face Of The Revolution’ ladder match at AEW Revolution. Scorpio Sky would receive a TNT Championship match that he would lose to Darby Allin. Following the match, Sky would attack Allin, locking him in a heel hook submission.

Credit: AEW Unrestricted

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