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Christian Would “Love To Team With Edge Again” Following Return

Christian and Edge

Christian has commented on the possibility of an Edge & Christian reunion, claiming he would love to team with the ‘Rated R Superstar’ again!

‘Captain Charisma’ made his sensational return to WWE during the Royal Rumble match in January. His surprise entrance marked Christian’s return to pay-per-view for the first time in seven years. Once cleared to compete, Christian recalls only having 48 hours to ready himself for the match:

“I was nervous when I got the call. Where is my gear? These are things I have to find. Once I started piecing things together, there was no time to think. I had so much to do to prepare on Saturday, then we all went to the arena on Sunday and I was surprisingly calm. For not having stepped foot in the ring for seven years, there were no nerves. This is what I was born to do. There was nothing to be nervous about.”

During the bout, he was embraced by former tag team partner and real-life best friend, Edge. The ‘Rated R Superstar’ made his return to the ring at the previous year’s Rumble, and would go on to win the 2021 event.

During an interview on WWE’s ‘The Bump’, Christian remembers seeing his old friend in the ring, upon his return:

“That moment where we locked eyes, you know, that smile, this was the spur of the moment stuff. It was such a busy day for the both of us that we didn’t have a chance to talk before we went out there.

This meant more to him than it did for me. He’s always had my back, and he’s always wanted the best for me in my career. He was one of the few who knew the grind – the hours and the time – that I was putting in to get back to this point. There were very few people who knew. He was one of them, obviously. So, I think it meant just as much to him, if not more in a weird way.”

Edge & Christian are one of the most beloved and decorated tag teams in all of WWE history. The childhood friends first appeared together on WWF television in 1998, as part of ‘The Brood’ alongside Gangrel. Initially introduced as brothers, the pair would play a pivotal role in the tag team division during the Attitude Era. Alongside The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian would go down in history for their participation in the legendary Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches for the tag team gold, championships they would capture 7 times.

Though no concrete plans have been announced regarding a substantial return to the ring, Christian told ‘The Bump’ that should he compete in a more full-time role, an E&C reunion would be a high priority:

“I think that’s something the WWE Universe would like to see, for sure. If I do step back into the ring, I would love to team with Edge again. We put the WWE tag team division back on the map like The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz did years ago. It’s kicked up here in the last few years in an impressive fashion. There are some great teams and lots of dream matches.”

Although his sights are set on WrestleMania, Edge has also addressed a potential reunion between the two. Speaking with Metro UK recently, Edge fantasy booked a number of potential modern classics:

“I would love it! I think at some point that would need to happen -just because there’s so many opportunities there. ‘Between Edge and Christian against The Usos – I mean, man! Edge and Christian against The New Day, Edge and Christian against Ziggler and Roode, Edge and Christian versus the Street Profits! Not for nothing, Edge and Christian versus Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. There’s some stuff there.”

Now medically cleared to compete once again inside the squared circle, chapter 2 of Christian’s hall of fame worthy legacy is underway. Will we see a five-second pose in a WWE ring soon? Only time will tell.

Credit for interviews: The Bump and Metro UK