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Christian Thought His ‘At Last’ Theme Was Like Nails On A Chalkboard


In 2001, following his split from then tag partner Edge, Christian debuted a new theme music called “At Last”, which at first he hated.

WWE fans during the Attitude Era will remember the opera-like theme fondly, blasting your eardrums with “CHRISTIIIAAAN! CHRISTIIIAAAN! At last, you’re on your own”.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, guest Christian has revealed that at first he was embarrassed to walk out to it, but over time it grew on him after he realised that it matched his characters persona.

I had talked with them about some ideas about music and having new music. We were all in agreement that this would be the way that we went.

I get there and they’re like, ‘We got your new music, we’ll walk through it, let you hear it, and come down the ramp.’ [I heard it] and was like, ‘What, this isn’t what we talked about at all.

This is the worst music I’ve ever heard.’ I walked through the curtain and I’m literally starting to sweat and I could see the other superstars in the ring going, ‘What is this?’ Some were laughing. My face is turning red and I didn’t think I could come out to it.

I realized that, at the time and persona that I had, I couldn’t have better ring music. I heard it a couple more times and thought, ‘this is so bad, it’s great. If I embrace this, we could be on to something.’ I embraced it from that moment on. It was like nails on a chalkboard, it was that good. To this day, I can be walking in a mall somewhere and I can hear someone scream, ‘CHRISTIIIAAAN! CHRISTIIIAAAN!’.

Christian returned to the ring for the first time in nearly seven years at the 2021 Royal Rumble PPV, using his “Just Close Your Eyes” theme, the theme which we can all agree was his best.

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