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Christian Reveals What Inspired Him To Return To The Ring


Christian recently shared his thoughts on his return to WWE and what spurred ‘Captain Charisma’ to lace up a pair of boots once again.

Prior to making his sensational return to in-ring competition at the 2021 Royal Rumble, Christian had been out of action for seven years. Forced into retirement due to concussion complications, the former World Heavyweight Champion believed his days in the ring were over.

At Royal Rumble 2020, Edge shocked the world of professional wrestling in a return to the ring following a career ending neck injury. During the latest episode of ‘WWE The Day Of’, which focused on Royal Rumble 2021, Christian admitted that seeing his best friend return to WWE made him question his own future:

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that kind of plant a little seed in my brain. Wondering if there was a possibility, even though our injuries were completely different. The question I get asked most, no matter where I go: ‘Do you think you’ll ever be able to come back?’ And honestly, until about six months ago, the answer was no.”

Prior to his retirement in 2014, Christian had achieved many accolades in professional wrestling. He captured the WWE Tag Team Championships a total of 9 times, 7 of those reigns with Edge. He is also a former NWA, TNA and ECW World Champion, as well as a WWE Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

The ‘Leader of the Peeps’ made a brief return to the ring in June 2020, facing Randy Orton in a non sanctioned match. The bout would end in a disqualification, after Christian suffered a low blow from Ric Flair and a kick to the head from Orton. Reflecting on the match, Christian admitted that he didn’t want the performance to be the last impression he left on the WWE Universe:

“When I went to Raw, and had the run in with Randy Orton where he punted me, I started thinking about it after and I was like, you know people where genuinely excited at the possibility of me having a match again. I couldn’t get that thought out of my head. Of that being the last impression they had of me in the ring.”

Following the 2020 Raw, Christian returned to the side-lines. However, now being medically cleared to compete he would receive an invitation to participate in the 2021 Royal Rumble match just 48 hours before the pay-per-view.

The return of ‘Captain Charisma’ sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe. Similar to Edge’s return one year prior, fans welcomed back a legend they thought they would never see again. Christian remembers Edge’s return, and was thankful to have him around for his own re-emergence:

“In a weird way it’s good to have him to lean on, because he was going through these same things. And I think that’s made me a little bit more calm. Because I remember last year and, like he’s always been very good with his nerves, and keeping his nerves in check. And, I’ve never seen him that nervous.”

Though no official plans have been announced in terms of a full time return, Christian has teased future plans he may have now he is able to compete.

Credit for the interview: WWE The Day Of