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Christian Cage Debuts At AEW Revolution

Christian AEW Debut

‘Captain Charisma’ Christian Cage has shocked the world by debuting at AEW Revolution being introduced to the audience by fellow WWE Legend The Big Show.

During the March 3rd edition of AEW Dynamite, Paul Wight [AKA The Big Show] would make his AEW debut announcing that during the upcoming PPV event he would introduce AEW’s latest ‘Hall of Fame worthy signing’.

“Just so you know that I’m taking my colour commentating job seriously Tony, you’re not the only one that gets the big scoops buddy. I have the biggest scoop ever! This Sunday at [Revolution], AEW is going to hire – put in contract – a Hall of Fame worthy talent that is a huge surprise and a huge asset to AEW. Yeah, but listen: It’s not who you think. But this Sunday, you’re gonna find out who it is and I want you to know I knew who it was first. Tune in to find out who we get!”

Speculation ran riot around social media with fans worldwide discussing who the ‘Hall of Fame worthy’ talent could be, with names such as Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Kazuchika Okada and Batista all discussed in detail.

Tony Khan would appear on AEW’s Unrestricted podcast to confirm the announcement made by Paul Wight and reveal that the performer debuting at AEW Revolution would be signed to a multi-year in-ring deal.

“A major star in the world of wrestling—a huge, huge star—is going to come and sign a multi-year contract with AEW on Sunday at the Pay-Per-View. So I can confirm what Paul [Wight] said is true.”

But in the end, it was the former ECW and WWE World Champion, ‘The Instant Classic’ Christian who would debut at AEW Revolution making his appearance during the final run of the night arriving to a remix of his internationally adored TNA Evanescence theme and with a new outlook on life ‘Outwork Everyone’

Christian [aka Christian Cage] recently appeared at WWE’s 2021 Royal Rumble event, sharing an incredibly touching reunion with life long friend and eventual Rumble winner – Edge.

Although Christian has become synonymous with the WWE, this is not the first time that the ‘Leader of the Peep Nation’ has wrestled in another major companies ring, with Christian Cage famously wrestling for IMPACT Wrestling [then TNA] between 2005 & 2008.

During this spell in TNA Christian would break the glass ceiling WWE had put in place for him and become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion defeating Jeff Jarrett at Against All Odds [2006].

In 2008 ‘Captain Charisma’ would make a one-off appearance in NJPW, teaming with fellow TNA roster members, AJ Styles & Petey Williams, to take on the New Japan representatives, Prince Devitt, Minoru Tanaka and Milano Collection A.T.

Cage’s role within AEW remains to be seen and fans & curious individuals alike will need to wait until AEW Dynamite on Wednesday evening for further explanation of what Christian has in-store for AEW.

AEW Revolution takes place on March 7th. Viewers outside the United States can watch the pay-per-view via Fite TV.

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