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Christian Cage On Using His TNA Music In AEW Being A “No-Brainer”

Christian Cage

Christian Cage has discussed the entrance music he used when making his All Elite Wrestling debut at AEW Revolution, and how it would be familiar to some fans.

Cage revealed that after finding out AEW CEO Tony Khan had been such a fan of Cage’s time in TNA – now IMPACT Wrestling – he asked about using his old music.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Cage detailed the conversation between Khan and himself.

Christian Cage stated:

“Tony had brought up that he such a fan of the Christian Cage TNA era, so I was like ‘why can’t we use that music?’ It was obviously a partnership with IMPACT. So I said we could do that and then kinda revamp it and make it our own – it doesn’t have to be the exact same. It can be in the same kinda vein and he liked that so that’s kind of what we did. It’s cool, I always loved that music, it was kind of a no-brainer and it was pretty exciting. […] Having something recognisable was big and thankfully that worked out as well.”

Cage worked for TNA between 2005 and 2008. While in the company Cage would win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice. Cage would win the first of those titles in a match with Jeff Jarrett at the Against All Odds event in February 2006. Almost one year later at Final Resolution 2007, Cage would reclaim the title from Abyss. The match was a three-way elimination bout that included Cage’s AEW colleague Sting.

The music was not the only thing fans may have recognised from Christian Cage’s TNA debut. On that occasion and in AEW, he would make his first entrance to the ring preceded by a ten-second countdown on the video wall.

Cage also discussed the process of him joining AEW – noting his surprise at Paul Wight’s tease of a ‘hall of fame worthy’ debut.

Credit: Oral Sessions