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Christian Cage Divulges Details Of AEW Signing

Christian Cage

Following his shocking debut at AEW Revolution, wrestling legend Christian Cage has now opened up about his AEW signing, noting how quick it all is and that he’s signed a “long-term” deal.

Speaking with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Christian would reveal that he didn’t actually know the company were going to hype up his signing so much until he saw Paul Wight tease it on the Revolution go-home show.

“I didn’t know [they were going to announce the signing], as far as I knew at that point in time it was going to be a complete secret. I would just show up and be a surprise. I didn’t realise there was going to be anything and honestly, this is 100%, on Wednesday [the night of Paul Wight’s announcement] there was nothing signed. It was a shock to me when I heard it but obviously, I think Tony and I hit it off pretty quick and we felt comfortable enough that we were definitely going to get something done and work together.”

Interestingly, Christian Cage also said that he didn’t ever think he’d be signed with AEW, noting that he had “very cordial” talks with AEW before Paquette’s husband, Jon Moxley, reached out and encouraged him to explore his options. The former AEW World Champion, of course, had named Christian as a “dream signing” in an interview with Inside The Ropes just a matter of weeks ago.

“No I would not think that [I’d be signed to AEW] at all to be honest with you. It all happened really quick. I wasn’t sure I was going to go after. All the talks I had were very cordial [with WWE] I’m good friends with you, I’m good friend with your husband, Jon. He talked to me and had his opinions and stuff like that and it made me kind of think that like ‘okay, maybe I am doing myself a disservice if I don’t at least explore all my options’. I’m at this final stage of my career and I end up having a conversation with Tony it just- it escalated very quickly and went very fast, within a week it was a done deal.”

Captain Charisma clarified that he’s signed a long-term deal with All Elite Wrestling and is “here for the long-haul” and not just a couple of matches.

“It’s a long-term deal, I’m not here for a couple of matches and then out – I’m here for the long-haul.”

Meanwhile, the company’s younger talent won’t just be benefiting from the 47-year-old’s experience inside the ring, but rather outside too, with Christian noting he’s “part of the team” and will be more than happy to be a producer, or whatever else the company needs him for.

“I can do anything like that [being a producer]. If I’m part of the team, I’m part of the team, right?! It’s like I’d feel like ‘I don’t know everything but I do know a lot of things if nothing else’.”

Christian would add that he didn’t have a lot of time to think about his decision – but noted he didn’t need it as he believes AEW is the best place he can be to help the next generation of performers.

“Whenever there’s some sort of decision like that, a life-altering decision there’s a lot of thought goes into it. Obviously, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about this, but it was like- what I really needed was the best platform for me to, like I said, I got this second lease on life here with this, to be able to showcase that but also help. Where could I help also the next generation? That’s kind of what I felt here at AEW.”

Following Tony Khan’s comments regarding the phone call that saw the wheels start to turn, Christian would add that he chatted with Tony Khan for two hours that night, and that he initially didn’t think things would go so well, but that it all came together very quickly afterwards.

“That was like my initial talks with Tony; the first conversation we had we talked for two hours. From that initial conversation again, I didn’t think it was going to go that well. It came together pretty quickly after that. I think we hit it off, kinda had the same feeling as to where he saw me and what I could do, and what I could bring to the table and how I could help the roster and help myself and help the show. There’s something intriguing about that to me – I like a challenge.”

The two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion would add how it wasn’t an easy decision, but that it wasn’t a hard decision either – and said there’s no ill feelings towards WWE, he just felt AEW was the right choice for him at this point in his career.

“It was not an easy decision, it also wasn’t a hard decision if that makes any sense you know. There was something intriguing about being able to be a little more hands-on with everything and having that challenge as well. It just felt like the right situation. There’s nothing wrong with the WWE and the way they do things. I needed this for me at this point.”

Christian Cage will speak on AEW Dynamite this week following his shock signing at Revolution. AEW Dynamite is available via Fite TV for viewers outside the United States.

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