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Christian Cage Came Up With Idea For AEW Faction

Christian Cage

Christian Cage has been given the credit for the formation of one of All Elite Wrestling’s many factions, having told Tony Khan he thought it could be funny.

The Hollywood Hunk Ryan Nemeth has in recent months formed a troop of like-minded men along with Pretty Peter Avalon, JD Drake, and Cezar Bononi. The Wingmen can be found mainly on AEW Dark and Elevation on the company’s YouTube channel where the group have a mixed record in the ring to say the least.

Nemeth was speaking to Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast where he revealed what took the group from a loose affiliation with one another to fully fledged faction.

Ryan Nemeth explained:

“There was a time where I think, maybe Tony (Khan) just liked seeing me in matches but didn’t know where I fit in. ‘Okay, let’s try you tagging with Peter. Let’s try you tagging with JD.’ Then, things kind of overlapped with Peter and Cezar tagging and it was like, is this a group or not a group? It was unclear what was happening. I remember walking out on Dynamite and three people were like, ‘Have you talked to Tony yet? Go talk to him.’ I knocked on the door, he goes, ‘You’re going to be The Wingmen. Christian thought of this. He thinks you guys look kind of funny together and it could be funny. You can figure it out, right?'”

“I went back, gathered everyone around, and was like, ‘Alright, we’re the Wingmen now. You know, when you go to a bar and help a guy meet a girl. We’re just that. All the time.’ It’s not ever about women, at least it hasn’t yet to be. It started out as us trying to make JD as sexy as the rest of us, which I love that we think we’re the sexy ones. I went on Amazon and ordered what I thought were sexy shirts from the early 2000s. A lot of see-through things.”

Christian Cage made his AEW debut at Revolution in March and has found himself reliving part of his earlier career as he has shared a ring with Matt Hardy. During this time Cage has formed a bond with Jurassic Express with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus helping Cage in his dealings with Hardy and his Hardy Family Office.

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

h/t Fightful for the transcription