Chris Jericho Reveals The Wrestling Term He Hates Most

Chris Jericho Tay Conti

Chris Jericho says there’s one particular term that he finds disrespectful and will make him “punch you in the face.”

AEW’s resident wizard Chris Jericho is no stranger to talking trash, but on a recent episode of the True Geordie podcast, he revealed what term he hates to hear used by fans of professional wrestling.

“The wrestling term that I hate fans using is botch. ‘Oh you botched that one.’ Shut the f*ck up. This is a live wrestling show, mistakes happen. Why? Because we are human beings and it is live. If it’s a movie, there is take 5, 10, 15, 20. We have one take, if someone falls down and [people say] you f*cked up. F*ck you, I will punch you in the face for saying that. It’s embarrassing and it sucks, we wish it didn’t happen, but it’s live.

“You watch a hockey game or a football game, the guy takes a shot at an open goal and it misses the net, how does that happen. If you go to a broadway play and someone misses their line, you don’t chant ‘You f*cked up.’ That’s disrespectful. Hall of Fame, people are booing The Bushwackers, well f*ck you. People were making fun of them, how dare you?

“I love wrestling fans, but you guys have got to keep it in check and show some respect. So botch? There is no botch, there is just mistakes that happen on a live show.”

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