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Chris Jericho Thought WrestleMania Title Match Made No Sense

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has opened up about his Triple Threat bout for both the Intercontinental and European Titles at WrestleMania 2000 and says it “made no f*cking sense.”

At WrestleMania 2000, Chris Jericho faced off with Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat match with an unusual twist. The bout was two-falls to a finish with both of Angle’s Intercontinental and European Titles on the line.

By the end of the night, Chris Jericho was European Champion and Chris Benoit was Intercontinental Champion despite Angle not losing either of the falls.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show with the Olympic gold medallist, Jericho lamented the booking of the match and says he asked for things to be changed:

“It was a three-way match and whoever won the first fall won the first belt, whoever won the second fall won the second belt. Kurt was in the unenviable position of losing both his titles without being pinned. I pinned Chris for one, he pinned me for the other. He won the Intercontinental and I won the European. Chris won first and I won second. It didn’t make sense.”

“Why would you have the Intercontinental Championship decided first, which was a famous legendary belt, and the European title second, which is not as high up. I remember going to Pat (Patterson) and saying, ‘We should change the order of who wins first or who wins the titles. If you want me to win last, put the Intercontinental Title on me and the European on Chris. If you want it to stay the same, have me win the European first.'”

“I wasn’t trying to politic for the Intercontinental Championship, although it would come across that way. I was like, ‘I can’t talk to Vince about this because he’s going to think I’m trying to politic for the Intercontinental Championship.’ I went to talk to Pat because he’s smart about what’s going on. ‘Ah, it doesn’t matter. It’s what Vince wants to do, it’s not worth fighting for.’ None of us had any power at the time anyway, so I just did it. I remember thinking, ‘it makes no f*cking sense!’”

Chris Jericho continued, adding that despite the classics the three men put on with each other, the WrestleMania 200 match didn’t work:

“Considering it was the three of us and all the great matches the three of us had together, I remember thinking that one didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Maybe it was just me, I don’t even think I watched it back, maybe the crowd wasn’t too hot, but something about it, I just didn’t feel worked.”

In modern times, Chris Jericho has recently formed a new faction in AEW alongside Jake Hager, 2point0, and a star that was only one year old when Jericho competed at WrestleMania 2000, Daniel Garcia.

h/t Fightful