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Chris Jericho Admits He Probably Wouldn’t Be Wrestling If It Wasn’t For AEW

Chris Jericho stands in the ring

Chris Jericho has admitted that he would have probably hung up his boots if it wasn’t for the creation of AEW in 2019.

AEW star Chris Jericho wrestled his first match in October 1990, before embarking on a career that would see him appear for the biggest promotions in the world, performing on the grandest stages that pro wrestling has to offer.

As Chris Jericho warms up for Full Gear, the former World Champion has admitted that if it wasn’t for AEW, things could have been very different.

Speaking during a new interview with Richard Deitsch on Sports Media, the veteran explained that he wasn’t sure if he would still be wrestling if it wasn’t for AEW. Before discussing his in-ring career, Jericho opened up about his role on commentary and how he enjoys being on camera.

“The plan was for me to be a guest commentator that week and I said, ‘instead of just doing it for the week, I’ll do it the whole time and you have me locked in.’ It worked out good. Tony Schiavone and I had great chemistry, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it and took a real Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura mindset towards it.

Tony Khan kind of put it in his library to keep it for later and when Rampage came up he said, ‘I want you to do commentary for Rampage.’ ‘That’s great, sure. I love it.’ It was something I would probably transition to. I have fun with it and enjoy that side of things. I like being on camera. Behind the scenes, I like giving advice and that sort of thing. Being a producer or agent or coach as we call them, I don’t know if I could do that well. I don’t know if I can really explain ideas. I like helping, but I like being on camera,”

Expanding further Chris Jericho said that he might not still be wrestling if it wasn’t for AEW. Although now he’s there, even at 51, he sees no reason to wrap up his career.

“[I’m 51 years old], I don’t feel it. I’m still contributing at the highest of levels. I was never the fastest wrestler or the most high flying, I can still do the stuff I always did, but now it’s the storylines and promos and keeping things interesting and moving forward. My demos and ratings are always near the top, thanks to everyone watching, but I think it’s because I keep it interesting. You can’t teach experience.

If there was no AEW, I don’t know if I’d still be wrestling but because there is, it’s exciting for me, I love being a part of it, I love working here. I love showing up for work every week and I think that goes a long way. If you are satisfied mentally and creatively, that makes the physical go a lot longer. When you start feeling stifled and getting angry and feel like you’re not going what you want to be doing, the physical gets worse. Those two combined is keeping me excited and enjoying what I’m doing. I feel great, I have zero injuries, there’s no reason to not continue going,”

Chris Jericho was speaking ahead of leading the Inner Circle into a Minneapolis Street Fight against the Men of the Year and American Top Team at Full Gear.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.