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Chris Jericho Teases Match With Sting

Sting - Tony Schiavone Thumb

Last week, Sting shocked the world by debuting on Dynamite, with AEW confirming The Icon had signed a full-time contract with the company. While the WCW legend’s in-ring status with the company is not yet confirmed, All Elite Wrestling have placed Sting on the men’s roster page, hinting that he may indeed wrestle for the company – and Chris Jericho has teased a dream match!

AEW’s first-ever World Champion would share a fan-made photo, which showcased The Painmaker vs The Stinger in a greyscale graphic with a prominent AEW logo, simply commenting, “Hmmmm……”



Posted by Chris Jericho on Sunday, December 6, 2020

Bizarrely, despite both spending time in WCW, WWE and now AEW, Sting and Chris Jericho have never faced each other in the ring. Regardless, even if they had, that match would have severely different dynamics now that both men are veterans, and legends, of the wrestling industry.

While Jericho has looked like he’s rolling back the years in AEW, it’s by no means a certainty that Sting will wrestle in AEW simply because he’s listed as a member of the roster, it may have provided a hint towards it being at the very least a possibility. AEW has confirmed Sting will appear on next week’s Dynamite to explain why he’s All Elite.

Tune in to AEW DYNAMITE on TNT next week to see why Sting is joining the most boundless promotion in all of wrestling.