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Chris Jericho Swings For Ring Rushing Fan At AEW Road Rager

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was forced to take things into his own hands at AEW Road Rager when an over-zealous fan tried to rush the ring during AEW Road Rager.

One fan found out the hard way that breaking that cardinal rule can leave you eating a knuckle sandwich as the over-zealous attendee tried to get in the ring while the James L. Knight Center was serenading Chris Jericho with his song Judas.

The incident happened as Chris Jericho was in the ring waiting on his showdown with his hated rival and Pinnacle leader MJF. The fan clambered onto the entrance way and appeared to remove a t-shirt before being tackled by AEW security. As he tried to keep his footing in the tussle with security, Jericho saw his opportunity and swung a right hook towards the head of the fan.

The fan was dealt with by security as Jericho had his showdown with MJF. MJF acknowledged the incident, telling the fans in attendance:

“I welcome any other one of you fat, white-trash hicks to jump in the ring too so I can beat your ass.”

Jericho is desperate to get his former Inner Circle teammate back in the ring for one on one action but MJF knows he holds all the cards to make that happen. Much like he made Cody Rhodes do during their feud, MJF has laid down his conditions for Jericho to get his rematch.

As Greek mythology clashed with pro wrestling, MJF challenged the Demo God to ‘The Labours of Jericho.’ If Jericho can overcome four of MJF’s handpicked opponents then his fifth labour will be the one on one match that he craves with MJF.

The fan that tried to interrupt the segment was not the only person Jericho laid out at AEW Road Rager. MJF demanded Jericho shake his hand to seal the deal and as MJF went to walk away, Jericho held onto his hand long enough to nail him with the Judas Effect.

It was otherwise a mixed night for both groups as Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager fell to defeat against FTR and Wardlow. Sammy Guevara did get a measure of revenge on Shawn Spears, nailing him with a steel chair.