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Chris Jericho Reveals “Typical WWE Bulls**t” At NYC Toy Fair

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has revealed that the WWE tried to stop him from seeing their toy stall at the New York City Toy Fair in 2020.

On this weeks Talk is Jericho podcast, Chris had Jeremy Padawer as a guest, the global toymaker for AEW’s action figures.

The conversation turned to the New York City Toy Fair of 2020, one which was huge for Chris Jericho, Jeremy and AEW as it was their showcase event for the debuting action figure series – which has since gone on to be a huge success.

Chris talks about how AEW went ‘all out’ (no pun intended) to make efforts during the event, to increase attention to not only the action figures but AEW itself. But, AEW weren’t the only wrestling company in attendance, as WWE (spearheaded by Mattel) were also on show. Jericho explains the difference between the booths.

Talking about the toy fair, and we [being AEW] had a big display in the back of the convention Centre. I was there, Kenny was there, Cody, Hangman, The Bucks, I remember Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, we had kind of our A-crew was there.

And then, I was so funny, typical WWE bulls**t, like they wouldn’t let us up there to see their display.

And so one of the guys let me in, and then I was filming something, just filming some of the stuff and then he goes “you can’t film” I go why, he says “I’ll get in trouble if they know you’re up here”.

I go f…I made these guys….there’s like 200 Chris Jericho WWE action figures! – and I can’t come look at your display?

Their [WWE] display was in the back of the room, in a corner, they had nobody there, none of the talent was there and I thought this is pretty lame in comparison to what AEW has. Which really surprised me, especially at the Toy Fair in New York City.

Jeremy explained that it wasn’t uncommon for that to be the case, with WWE (& Mattel alike) they’d already established themselves as major players in the toy business, so didn’t necessarily ‘need’ talent there. However this was a big moment for AEW (and Jeremys Wicked Cool Toys company) as it was the launch of a new set.

Since the Toy Fair, AEW have released several series of collectable action figures, some now reaching into the thousands on eBay for the rare ‘Chase Series’ which are 1/1000 items, sometimes even just 1/500.