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Chris Jericho Reveals The Greatest Fan Sign He Ever Saw


A wrestling sign crossed with Star Wars is the greatest fan sign that Chris Jericho has ever seen, he revealed on theHollywood Raw podcast.

Us fans are inventive. From “Why is your hair so wet?” to “Cena watches the Bachelor“, standing out from the hundreds of signs around us is all part of the game.

Speaking with hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, Y2J was asked what the best sign he’s ever seen was? To which Jericho gave two examples. The first being hilariously poor planning from the sign-maker.

The best sign that I ever saw was when I was a bad guy and it said, “Chris Jericho is stu” – and then they ran out of room – “pid“.

I was like, dude, come on. Chris Jericho is … you’re too f***ing stupid, sorry, to even space it out properly to say, Chris Jericho is … write the letter smaller. If you mess it up, rip it up and do it again. You’re really losing your point here, Chris Jericho is stupid.

The second fan sign that Jericho recalls was back in 2002 in the Summer storyline he had with Hulk Hogan. A timely Star Wars reference which would go on to fuel Chris’ promo for the night and become a part of the match they both had.

The other one that I always love is when I was in about summer of 2002, I was working with Hulk Hogan. It was his last run in the WWE and we were doing all the live events non-televised. He was the good guy, I was the bad guy, and had so much fun. People just love Hogan and people just hated me.

I remember one kid in the crowd had a sign that said “Hulk Hogan is a Jedi“.

It was right around when the second of the new Star Wars movies came up, maybe Attack of the Clones. That just really bothered me. I remember I cut a whole promo on this kid who wrote the sign that Hulk Hogan was a Jedi, and how dare you compare the brilliance of a Jedi with the dumpster fire that’s Hulk Hogan.

Then, at the end of the match, we ended up fighting ringside, and the kid who wrote it, Hogan held my arms behind me, he goes, “hit him, kid.” And I’m like, okay, what’s this kid going to do? Whatever. This kid, he’s probably eight years old ball up his fist and punched me in the face as hard as he could, and it really hurt.

I was like, “Hulk, come on, man.” He’s like, “sorry, brother. I thought he would just give you a slap or whatever.” I’m like, “geez, louise, if you were such a Jedi, why don’t you use mind control and tell him not to punch me in the face. Mr. Jedi!

The feud between Jericho and Hogan was a small part in a larger story between HHH and Jericho for the Undisputed WWF Championship which HHH went on to hold.

You can hear this part of the interview and much more from it at Hollywood Raw.

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