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Chris Jericho Reveals His Most Under-Rated Opponent

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has named who, in his opinion, is the most under-rated wrestler he has worked with throughout his storied career.

The ‘Demo-God’ has wrestled all over the world during a 30-plus year career. This includes stints in WCW, ECW, WWE, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.In a conversation with The Hollywood Raw podcast, Jericho was asked who was the most under-rated wrestler he had ever shared the ring with.Jericho revealed that only one name immediately sprang to mind.

Jericho said:

“Let’s see. Who’s the most underrated wrestler? Oh man, those are hard. What pops into your head, it’s hard. There’s a guy called 2 Cold Scorpio who was really good that I don’t think gets the credit for how good he is. There are probably a million others too, but that’s the first who comes to mind.”

2 Cold Scorpio also wrestled in WCW, WWE – where he was primarily known as Flash Funk, and ECW.It was during the time in the Philadelphia based company that Chris Jericho and Scorpio would face off.They shared three matches with each other in ECW, including being part of a four-way match for the ECW World Television Title with Shane Douglas and Pitbull #2.Douglas would win that match, winning the title from Jericho.

A former 4-time ECW World Television Champion, Scorpio remains a fixture on the American independent scene at 55 years old.

Chris Jericho is currently teaming with fellow Inner Circle member MJF.The two won the to face the AEW Tag Team Champions by winning a battle royal on AEW Dynamite.

Credit: Hollywood Raw