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Chris Jericho On Request Vince McMahon Made After Signing AEW Contract

Chris Jericho

Vince McMahon asked Chris Jericho for one special request after signing with AEW.

Chris Jericho departed WWE in 2017 in large part due to Vince McMahon’s decision to put his highly anticipated match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 33 on second.

Since then, Y2J has wrestled on the independent circuit and in Japan before ultimately signing with Tony Khan’s new wrestling promotion, AEW. Although Jericho has left his WWE past behind, he still recalls one of the last conversations he had with his former boss.

While speaking on the situation involving MJF and Tony Khan on talkSPORT, Jericho made reference to McMahon wanting Jericho to reconsider signing with the rival company. Jericho talked about MJF wishing to leave for WWE and compared the situation to how he felt back in 2017. While he does think MJF should stay with AEW, he wouldn’t force him to:

“Oh absolutely [his character would be watered down in WWE]. He’s better off staying in AEW. But, again, don’t stick your finger in the light socket.

You tell a little kid not to do that and they’re going to do it to see what happens. I’m not going to tell anybody not to go elsewhere because I did it. I did it for years.

I did it to come to AEW. I walked away from WWE. When I signed my AEW contract Vince McMahon said ‘Can you get out of it?’ – No, you told me to go here!

Same thing happened when I left WCW to come to WWE. Sometimes you got to take a chance and if you believe in yourself and you feel you aren’t getting your dues, then you gotta go elsewhere.”

At the time of his exit, Chris Jericho had spent the bulk of his career with WWE, but the turning point in his career with the company came prior to WrestleMania 33. Speaking in an earlier interview with Inside The Ropes, Jericho explained that original plans would have seen him in the main event with Kevin Owens.

However, plans later changed and the match was moved to second on the card, a switch he described as an “insult.”