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Chris Jericho Releasing Book Detailing Every Match Of His Career

Chris Jericho

‘The Million Viewer Man’ Chris Jericho announced on Instagram that he will be releasing a new book, ‘The Complete List of Jericho’. The book will chronicle all of the matches Y2J’s had in his career so far. The last match of the book, his 2,725th, will take place on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Jericho’s wrestling career.

‘The Demo God’ went into more detail about the book on the latest episode of Saturday Night Special, which you can watch below, saying it would contain:

“Top 10 lists of all my favourite opponents, my favourite matches, my favourite arenas”, as well as, “About 100 pictures that you’ve never seen before.”

He went on to talk about how the idea for keeping a record of all his matches came about:

“On my first day of wrestling school, Keith Hart was in the ring. He was the trainer, and I asked him how many matches he had, and he said he didn’t know and thought it was kind of a dumb question. I thought that’s really weird, because if I want to know how many games Wayne Gretzky’s played in, I can just go look it up in a book. So, if I want to know how many matches somebody’s had, nobody keeps track of the stuff? He’s like, “Of course not!”

“So, I thought, well, I’ll do it. I think a lot of people might have started and stopped it, but I actually did it and carried through. 30 years, man, 2725 matches.”

More information on the book and where to pre-order a copy will be revealed on this week’s AEW Dynamite. The pre-order will include a 90-minute podcast with Jericho discussing various matches from throughout the three decade career of the ‘Demo God’.