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Chris Jericho Releases “The Complete List Of Jericho”

Chris Jericho

When Chris Jericho finally hangs up his boots he’ll be remembered for any number of things. The first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, his time in WCW’s Cruiserweight division, a legendary WWE debut, a late career renaissance in AEW and his love of lists.

From the list of his ‘1004 holds’ to the already legendary ‘List of Jericho,’ if it can be put on a list, Chris Jericho is there. And now the first ever AEW Champion has added another list to the… list.

Posting on Instagram, Chris Jericho has heralded the release of his latest book ‘The Complete List Of Jericho.’

The book chronicles every match that Jericho has competed in over the course of his 30-year career. That’s all 2722 matches.

Speaking when the book was initially announced the ‘Demo God’ said that the book would contain plenty of stats and photos for fans.

“Top 10 lists of all my favourite opponents, my favourite matches, my favourite arenas”, as well as, “About 100 pictures that you’ve never seen before.”

In recent months, Jericho as the leader of the Inner Circle has been embroiled in a heated feud with MJF and The Pinnacle. After The Pinnacle claimed in the first ever Blood and Guts match, with Jericho falling from the top of the structure, The Inner Circle got revenge at Double or Nothing in Stadium Stampede.