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Chris Jericho Recalls Being Threatened With Assassination

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has recalled having a bounty put on his head during an altercation in a club in Abu Dhabi and says he was threatened with assassination.

Jericho recounted the tale to Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. The former AEW Champion was asked if there was any truth to the rumour that Inner Circle member Jake Hager had saved him from assassination.

Jericho explained:

“He didn’t save me from the assassination but he had my back. We were in Abu Dhabi and we were in a club. Some guy was being a jerk, so I walked by him and gave him a body check into the wall, good old-fashioned hockey move.”

“His father claimed and I quote that his father owned 27% of the country and that I would be assassinated by the end of the day. I had a bounty for $7 million on my head. So I’m standing there, of course, you’ve had a couple of cocktails and the sun was coming up. I was asking Larry David ‘Is $7 million good?’ If I was Brad Pitt would it be $30 million? If I was a guy off the street would it be $100,000? Where do I stand in this? Hager was behind me being like ‘Dude this is the wild west, don’t mess with this guy.’”

“But this guy had this little posse of characters, and they were gonna assassinate me. Jake was right there the whole time. He was like ‘Dude get out of here.’ [I reply] ‘No I want to know, is $7 million a good number.’ I went back to my room and I was kind of worried. I stayed in my room during the day, and when we went to the show I’m thinking I hope no one here is an assassin.”

Fortunately for Jericho, he would find out that his would-be assassin was all talk:

“I then stayed in my room until this blows over. Of course, the guys are out again and they are sending me pictures. So I decided to go, and I went back to the club. The bouncer there goes to me ‘Oh you haven’t been assassinated yet.’ I’m like ‘No should I be worried.’ He goes ‘That motherf*cker says that all the time. His dad doesn’t own the country, he owns a gas station down the street.’ But at the time we didn’t know and Jake had my back.”

Chris Jericho joins Jake Hager and the rest of Inner Circle in a Blood And Guts match on AEW Dynamite. They will face The Pinnacle led by former Inner Circle member MJF.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio

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