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Chris Jericho On WWE Not Paying Will Ferrell To Appear At WrestleMania

Will Ferrell Chad Smith

Chris Jericho has explained why WWE turned down a chance to have movie megastar Will Ferrell appear at WrestleMania – and it all came down to cash.

Will Ferrell had been making appearances with Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith in an effort to raise money for charity. The pair had previously had a ‘drum-off’ on The Tonight Show in 2014.

According to Jericho who was speaking on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, it was WWE’s policy of not paying celebrities for appearances that scuppered the opportunity.

Jericho explained:

“Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers had done a bunch of stuff with Will Ferrell. They did a drum-off in [Los Angeles] and they wanted to do something for charity at WrestleMania. [WWE] was like, ‘You have to understand, we don’t really pay guys.'”

“This is Will Ferrell. If you had Will Ferrell and Chad Smith in whatever, you can do a million things. Will Ferrell in WWE and WrestleMania would make a difference. ‘We don’t really pay our celebrities’. You guys are idiots because he wants to do it and have a good donation for his charity. It’s 500 grand to Will Ferrell’s charity, get him on the show, and have that recognition.”

WrestleMania and celebrity appearances are no strangers to one another. Floyd Mayweather, Lawrence Taylor, and Snooki are among celebrities who have competed at ‘the showcase of the immortals’.

The current AEW star is no stranger to a WrestleMania moment with a celebrity himself. At WrestleMania 25, Jericho defeated the team of Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, and Ricky Steamboat in a handicap match. After the bout, actor and star of ‘The Wrestler’ film Mickey Rourke made his way into the ring. Rourke then dropped Jericho to the mat with a punch.

Chris Jericho has also recently discussed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s reaction after Jericho caught a picture of McMahon fast asleep.

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

h/t Fightful for the transcription