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Chris Jericho Addresses Controversial Blood & Guts Finish

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has talked extensively about the ending of the Blood And Guts match on AEW Dynamite that saw the leader of Inner Circle thrown off the cage by MJF.

The end of the match received a mixed reception with many on social media saying the impact of the move was lessened by seeing the surface Jericho landed on.

Talking on his Talk Is Jericho podcast about the fall and the all-out assault that was Blood And Guts, Jericho revealed that even though the fall from the cage was his idea, he really didn’t want to go through with it.

Chris Jericho explained:

“I don’t pretend I don’t want want to take crazy bumps. I didn’t want to take the bump into the thumbtacks in the Ambrose Asylum and I didn’t want to take the bump onto the floor. But it was best for the story. I’ll be really honest with you, I was nervous about the finish all day long. Like I discussed with you earlier, it was the best way to go for the finish, the perfect way to continue the story.”

“So about 6 weeks prior, I came up with the idea with Tony and MJF to make this happen. When you are doing a live stunt show, you can’t hedge your bits where nothing is going to happen. And things do go wrong, sometimes terribly wrong. All you have to do is look at Owen Hart to think about a stunt that went wrong live. There is no second take, it is live. I think people are de-sensitised to danger because they have seen so much. The guys make it look so easy that people forget how small the margin of error is.”

Chris Jericho then added that he thought the distance he had to fall seemed to get greater when the air mattress that had been used for testing the fall was removed:

“So we decided how do we do this fall. We decided to gimmick the stage so you fall off the cage and go through it. First of all, I got in so much trouble with my wife and kids, because I didn’t tell them the fall was going to happen. I think the fall looked amazing. Maybe that was because I was the one who took it and I knew how scared I was. Not scared but nervous, where you are really thinking about it. Basically, you are falling 15 feet. Earlier in the day when they were building everything, they had a big yellow air mattress that was 10 feet high. I was thinking that looks like a pretty easy thing to fall onto, maybe there’s a way to put a sheet over it.”

“Sammy was falling onto it and said to me ‘Do you want to try?’ I was like ‘No I will save it for later.’ Turns out it was you aren’t falling into that, we are just testing it for the trajectory and where we are going to put the actual apparatus. It [the mat used on TV] was a black gym mat that was 6 feet high. And then there was a bunch of empty cardboard boxes. I’m like are we going to fill these with anything? They say ‘No that’s what professional stuntmen fall on.’ We had a pro stuntman there, who orchestrated the Stadium Stampede bump, we have a professional.”

“They are building it with the 6 inches [not 6 foot] crashmat. Then empty boxes, then some plywood that looked like metal staging. It was like a piece of decoration that looked like a steel grate. I’m like that’s it? It went from a 10-foot air mattress to something that was 3 feet off the ground. If the fall was 8 feet onto the other mat, this is 18 feet.”

Jericho recalled watching the stunt man take the fall, however, the professional had more protection that Jericho would later in the night:

“I watched the stunt guy take the fall, and he had a turtle shell that protects your back. Then he had a helmet. I’m like I don’t get to wear a helmet when I fall. They tell me to take a step off it, don’t push yourself back or you will flip back more into your head. I videotaped them doing it and watched it back loads of times. He tried it again without the shell but still with the helmet. I’m like Jesus! I don’t get a helmet at all. The guys built more of a platform on the top so there was less of a gap to fall from.”

“So when we are fighting on top of the cage and Sammy surrenders, MJF picks me up and I say give me a shove so I can feel it. I thought this bump would go fast, but I just keep looking at him and looking at him as I fell. Then I landed and it takes the breath out of you. Trust me, I see people ragging on me landing on a crash pad, which it isn’t. I’m not a qualified stuntman, I didn’t go to school. Just 30 years of being in the business. But you just go for it.”

Finally, Chris Jericho closed by saying he hopes people enjoyed his fall because it won’t be happening again:

“It felt great and obviously, it hurt, but I can move my arms and legs. I thought this is great what a perfect finish. The crowd went silent until they took me away on a stretcher, then they started clapping. It was like when someone gets taken off on a stretcher on a football field. People were buying into it. It wasn’t until later on that I got wind that people didn’t think it looked great, but I thought it did. If you watch back, I barely missed my head hitting the lights on the back of the stage. I went so far back I almost overshot everything. But I hope you enjoyed it because I am never doing it again, ever.”

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

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