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Chris Jericho Names “Most Underrated” AEW Star

Chris Jericho & Jericho Appreciation Society

Chris Jericho has heaped praise on one particular AEW star, commenting how they always deliver no matter what spot they’re put in.

Ever since making his AEW debut in October 2019, Jake Hager has been side-by-side with Chris Jericho. Hager arrived in the company and immediately aligned himself with Jericho, becoming The Inner Circle’s resident ‘problem solver.’

As the group fractured, and MJF broke away to form The Pinnacle, Hager remained with the former AEW World Champion. This loyalty continued when the group eventually dissolved and Jericho created the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Jericho recently hosted a special edition of his Talk is Jericho podcast dedicated to his new group. During the conversation, the veteran explained that when he was putting together the faction, he knew Hager was the perfect choice to their resident ‘heater.’

“Jake is one of the most underrated guys in our company,” Jericho said. “Only because whenever he’s given something to do, he always kills it. Always, every time, no matter what it is. If it’s a 1% thing, he’s there. If he has to main event a no people match against Moxley with only Jim Ross commentating, it’s there. So I was like, ‘We don’t need to get a new heater, I’ve got one.’”

In recent weeks, Jericho has reinvented himself as “The Wizard” after throwing a fireball at Eddie Kingston. During the conversation, Jake Hager said that he didn’t know what to make of his partner’s new moniker, although he quickly came to realise how effective it could be.

“Honestly, when you first came out the week after the fireball with ‘The Wizard’, I didn’t know what you were talking about,” Hager said as “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard laughed in the background. “I was like, ‘Is this pinball? What are we talking about here?’ And then you said that s**t in the promo, and I died. It was so awesome.”

After a brutal and chaotic battle at Double or Nothing, it was recently announced that the Jericho Appreciation Society and the Blackpool Combat Club along with Santana, Ortiz and Kingston will do battle in a Blood and Guts match.

Ahead of the match, Jericho will also square off against Ortiz in a Hair vs. Hair match.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.