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Chris Jericho Opens Up About Legitimate Heat With Triple H

Chris Jericho Triple H

AEW star Chris Jericho opened up about himself and Triple H not always seeing eye to eye.

During a recent promo ahead of Revolution, Eddie Kingston dropped a line referencing the real life animosity between WWE COO Triple H and Chris Jericho. While the two have faced off on numerous occasions and even performed together in the main event of WrestleMania 18, it’s no secret that Jericho and Triple H have not always gotten along behind the scenes.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show (available via AdFreeShows), Chris Jericho opened up about the fact that the heat between the two men stemmed from multiple places, and that there was a time in their careers where they genuinely hated each other. The former Y2J also noted that Triple H had a lot of power behind the scenes and may have used that power to affect Jericho’s position in the company.

“There was a lot of politics at that time. And when I say this, it’s not from a bitter point of view or an angry point of view. It’s just the way it was. So, to come in, there was a lot of legit heat between Hunter and myself; it involved Chyna. It involved a little bit of X-Pac as well.

“But Hunter and I just didn’t like each other, and I think Hunter had such pull at the time, such power, that if he didn’t like me. Of course, even if he is not going out of his way to bury me to Vince, I’m sure every time my name came up, he would go, ‘Oh, that guy? Come on!’ It just was kind of the way the business worked at the time. So, I think that might have had a lot to do with it.”

Chris Jericho clarified that he hasn’t heard anything specifically about Triple H intentionally burying him in the company, and that the two are fine with each other now, but there was definitely a time where they were at odds with one another.

“I think that was probably one of the reasons, and once again, I’m not saying I’ve heard this. I just can tell. I can read the room, the past that we had. We’re cool now, but at the time, we just f***ing didn’t like each other. It just didn’t work. So that had a lot to do with my standing of where I was at the time.”

After spending decades in WWE, Chris Jericho signed with All Elite Wrestling at its inception in 2019 and has been with the company ever since. On the most recent episode of Dynamite, Jericho turned heel by attacking fellow members of his Inner Circle faction, causing the group to implode.

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