Chris Jericho Has Become Tony Khan’s “Closest Confidant”

Chris Jericho & Tony Khan

Chris Jericho has spent more than thirty years in the world of professional wrestling, and according to a new report, he’s become one of Tony Khan’s most trusted advisors backstage.

With recent news that CM Punk is on his way back to AEW, many are wondering if he’ll be able to settle his issues with both The Elite and Chris Jericho following very public dissension. Jericho was praised as a locker room leader in the aftermath of the All Out brawl, and he hasn’t been shy about his feelings on Punk, even calling him a “cancer to the locker room.” However, it’s been reported that Punk wants to meet with Jericho to settle their issues.

Speaking on a recent PWTorch audio show, Wade Keller revealed that any potential meeting between Punk and Jericho would include FTR as a neutral parties in the room. He also noted that Jericho has become one of Tony Khan‘s closest advisors, to the point that the two can also be found together having discussions about all things AEW, not just the storylines and segments featuring Jericho himself. Keller said that Jericho is loyal to AEW and not trying to sabotage the company with his views.

“The idea being FTR [saying] You know, we’re pitching the idea let’s moderate, we’re a neutral party, and we can help let Jericho and Punk work things out…Jericho is the closest confidant of Tony Khan right now, when it comes to things that include him, but go beyond him…I don’t know how often [but] there’s times where it’s like, ‘where’s Tony?’ ‘Oh, he’s in Chris’ hotel room, or he’s off in this restaurant booth talking to Chris’ or wherever they talk.

And it’s not just about Chris Jericho stuff, like Jericho is a sounding board. There are people in that company who tell Tony, ‘listen to Chris, listen to Chris, he’s been around.’ You can’t trust anybody 100% but Chris isn’t like some secret agent who’s sabotaging AEW.”

Chris Jericho Is Loyal To Tony Khan And AEW

Continuing, Keller made it clear that Jericho isn’t someone who’s only in All Elite Wrestling to collect a paycheck and then return to Vince McMahon in WWE; instead, he’s loyal to AEW, something all sides are aware of.

“I think he’s loyal to AEW, that’s what people say at this point. And so I think FTR and Punk are aware of that.”

Keller went on to note that there’s not a high level of confidence that a meeting between Punk and Jericho will go well.