Chris Jericho Fires Back After Being Criticised On Social Media

Chris Jericho flips off the crowd at AEW Revolution 2022

Since joining AEW in 2019, Chris Jericho has become one of the biggest spokespeople for the company.

The former WWE star was the first-ever AEW World Champion and has clashed with many of the biggest names on the roster.

During his time with the promotion, Jericho has reinvented himself on numerous occasions and currently finds himself at the head of the Jericho Appreciation Society. The star enjoyed a fine run in 2022, earning praise for his performance as he won the Ring of Honor World Title. In the process, he became a World Champion for the eighth time.

However, not everyone is a big fan of the star. On April 5th, AEW announced it will be heading to Wembley for All In on August 27th. With the venue having a maximum capacity of 90,000 (This will be reduced for wrestling) fans began coming up with dream matches for the huge UK event.

On Twitter, one fan suggested that a clash between Jericho and Sting would be a “needle mover.” In response, someone else said the match would be “horrible” as Jericho needs someone to “carry him” during matches. Unsurprisingly, the veteran didn’t take kindly to that suggestion, calling the fan a “dumb ass” and a “dipsh*t.”

Chris Jericho Involved In Latest CM Punk Controversy

As well as his appearances on television, Chris Jericho has been a major player in the AEW locker room. His extensive experience and legendary status earned him immediate respect from those backstage.

Jericho was reportedly vocal about his thoughts on CM Punk after the star criticised many within the company and got into a fight after All Out. The veteran reportedly told Punk that he was “a cancer.”

In March, Punk went on the attack once more, this time on social media. In a now-deleted post, Punk called out a number of people including Jericho, calling him a “liar and a stooge.”

In response, Jericho admitted that while he isn’t on Punk’s Christmas card list, that didn’t matter. He added that “AEW is going to thrive and survive with or without him.”