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Chris Jericho Discusses “One Of The Best” Storylines Of His Career

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has praised a feud that he says is one of the best storylines that he has been a part of in his thirty-plus years in the wrestling business.

At All Out, Chris Jericho faced MJF in what was billed as ‘The Final Fight.’ The hated rivals went one-on-one one last time with Jericho’s in-ring career hanging in the balance. MJF had lorded the fact that he had defeated Jericho three times over Le Champion. The prodigious MJF defeated Jericho at Full Gear in 2020 to earn himself and Wardlow a place in the Inner Circle.

Once MJF’s true intentions were uncovered, he introduced the world to his own group, The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle defeated Inner Circle in a brutal Blood & Guts match that culminated with MJF throwing Jericho from the top of the cage to the stage below.

MJF also put Jericho through four labours before meeting him as his fifth and final one. After Chris Jericho had dispatched Shawn Spears, Nick Gage, Juventud Guerrera, and Wardlow to get to MJF, the leader of The Pinnacle picked up the win by making Jericho tap out to his Salt Of The Earth armbar.

All Out saw Chris Jericho finally vanquish MJF by making him tap out to the Walls Of Jericho. It had looked like MJF was going to pick up the win after using Jericho’s baseball bat against him and nailing Jericho with the Judas Effect. That got the three count but referee Aubrey Edwards did not see Jericho’s foot on the bottom rope. AEW senior official Paul Turner spared Edwards’ blushes as he informed her of what happened and ordered the match to be restarted. This allowed Chris Jericho one last chance to defeat MJF and he duly did.

Now Jericho has taken to social media to pay tribute to what he calls “one of the best” storylines of his impressive career:

“Jericho vs @the_mjf was THE longest storyline of my career…and one of the best. The angle started in Sept of 2020 and it ended last night at one of the greatest PPVs of all time, with the good guy making the bad guy tap out. The angle between the #InnerCircle and #ThePinnacle was full of twists and turns, comedy, tragedy, friendship, betrayal, blood, bubbly and genuine animosity. But overall, I feel it was a brilliant, expertly told tale that was one of the best in the business from the last 20 years. I hope all of you enjoyed watching this pro wrestling magnum opus as much we did telling it!!! On to the next challenge…. #AEWAllOut