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Chris Jericho Discusses Commercial Break Issues During Blood And Guts

Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle

The brutal debut of AEW’s Blood and Guts Match will live long in the memory, and not just because Chris Jericho closed the show by falling from the top of the huge structure.

The Blood and Guts Match was contested under the original WarGames rules and sought to bring modern wrestling to a classic concept. While WWE have continued to run WarGames matches in recent years, they have tended to veer away from the original format.

However, with NXT’s WarGames matches being shown on the WWE Network, they don’t have to contend with commercial breaks. Something which posed a whole new set of challenges for AEW who aired the showpiece match on TNT.

During the match, some fans missed parts of the match, while others bemoaned the ad breaks for breaking up the flow of the brawl.

Discussing the match on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, The Demo God discussed the challenges created by trying to navigate commercial breaks during the match.

“There was another commercial break, and it was right before we started climbing to the top. Once again, live TV, once the train leaves the station you can’t pull it back. The Inner Circle is up and MJF’s only chance is by escaping, so he starts climbing. But the problem was it was during the commercial break, and I knew it. I was trying to tell him to slow down, but you can’t do that. I’m not coming back from commercial with me on top, so I am just going to climb really slow. I am looking at Aubrey and she’s telling me you got 30 seconds before we come back from break. I thought I’m just going to stand right here and just work the crowd. When we come back they will be chanting and cheering.”

During his time in WWE Chris Jericho competed against Triple H inside Hall In A Cell in 2002. The match came to a shocking finale with Jericho taking a Pedigree on top of the cell. Jericho compared this moment to scaling the Blood and Guts structure, which he described as much more durable.

“We climbed to the top of the cage, which is much more secure than the Hell in a Cell me and Hunter had back in 2002. I wasn’t too keen walking around when we were practicing. When you are on the ground, that cage doesn’t look that high. When you are looking down from up there, that thing is as high as sh*t. Our cage was more durable, there is some plexi-glass up there. The we get to the point where he is going to throw me off unless the guys surrender. We thought how much of a piece of sh*t move would it be if they throw me off anyway, which was where it came from. That was a combination of an MJF idea, a Tony Khan idea and a Jericho idea.”

Elsewhere on the episode, Jericho discussed his fall from the top of the cage. The first ever AEW World Champion said that he plans to never perform such a stunt again.

Following the fall, Jericho appeared on the next episode of Dynamite with his left elbow in a brace. It has since been reported that Jericho dislocated his elbow falling from the cage.

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