Chris Jericho On Why He’ll Always Call His Current Gimmick His Best

Chris Jericho has had a multitude of gimmicks throughout his career, and he explained why he’ll never look to the past when choosing his favorite persona.

AEW’s resident wizard Chris Jericho is a master of reinvention, taking on many instantly recognizable personas throughout the years. Speaking on the True Gerodie podcast, he recalled his many character changes and maintained that whatever he’s doing at the present moment is the best, because to credit any past accomplishment would diminish his current work.

“I mean it is always cool to look back at those things. And maybe someday, I was going to say sitting back in a rocking chair on the porch, which I’ll never do, f*cking kill me if I ever do that, I saw The Stones on Sunday at Hyde Park and that’s me. I look at Mick and he’s just f*cking good. They are a good rock n’ roll band and the best rock n’ roll band.

“I see a lot of concerts and The Stones are still the best. I hate that ‘The Stones are good for their age.’ F*ck that, The Stones are good for any age. Any rock n’ roll band needs to bow down to the greatness of The Stones and also to the inspiration that you get from watching them. I see Mick and the energy that he has and this is going to be me at 78. I have been in entertainment since I was 19 years old, in showbusiness, that is what wrestling is, it’s showbusiness.

“But looking back on all those moments is cool, and that’s one thing that I like about social media. I had a match against Ultimo Dragon in Tokyo that essentially got me into ECW and WCW, it happened 27 years ago today. I would never know that if it wasn’t for social media. So I look at that, and f*ck that’s cool. And then I go and think about that match and maybe watch some highlights of it and man, that was a good match or that was a good entrance with The Rock.

“But I don’t plant my flag in it and think that it’s the greatest moment in my career because it was one of many. When people say ‘What’s the greatest incarnation of Chris Jericho?’ I always say ‘This one, right now.’ If I say that the Y2J was the best or the list or the suit and tie guy, that would infer that what I am doing right now sucks. So what’s the best Chris Jericho? Right now in 2022.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Chris Jericho credited rock legend David Bowie for inspiring him to constantly evolve as a character.

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