Chris Jericho Cosplays As Danhausen In Hilarious Video

Chris Jericho Danhuasen

Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea has become an annual tradition, gathering wrestling fans together for a days-long cruise that features matches as well as comedy and live podcasts.

The most recent edition of Jericho’s annual cruise took place this past week, and as is always the case, fans were in for a treat as they witnessed action not shown on AEW television. In the main event bout of the cruise, Jericho himself teamed with Danhausen to take on Austin and Colten Gunn, otherwise known as the Gunn Club (or Ass Boys, if you ask Danhausen).

However, Jericho went the extra step for the tag team match, donning some very nice, very evil face paint in order to match his tag team partner. One fan in attendance shared a clip of the bout on social media, showing Jericho’s attempt to put the Gunns in the Walls of Jericho before tagging in his partner.

Just when it looked like Danhausen may be triumphant, Colten Gunn hit the star with a foreign object, allowing his brother to fall on top of Danhausen for a shocking pinfall victory as he stopped Jericho from intervening.

The crowd in attendance was enraged at the Gunns for cheating to secure the victory, and booed the brothers mercilessly before beginning chants of “What the f***.”

Danhausen’s Wife Played An Important Role In Getting Chris Jericho Ready For Their Tag Team Match

While Jericho is immensely talented in many areas, he had some help in donning his tag team partner’s iconic face paint.

Taking to social media, Danhausen’s wife and famed burlesque performer Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere revealed that she was the one to paint Jericho’s face ahead of the main event match. She called the opportunity a highlight of the cruise.

“One of the highlights of the #JerichoCruise was getting to do the makeup of the very nice very evil @IAmJericho. Life is very cool.”