Chris Jericho Comments On Latest CM Punk Rumours

AEW Talents Chris Jericho & CM Punk

It’s no understatement to say that Chris Jericho and CM Punk aren’t the best of friends.

Punk hasn’t been seen in AEW since his remarkable post-All Out media scrum appearance which sparked a brawl backstage. It has been reported that in the aftermath of the chaos, Jericho told Punk he was “a cancer.”

Fast forward to March 2023, and there had been reports that Punk could be working towards coming back to the company, however, that was thrown out of the window with one post on Instagram.

Seemingly in response to comments made by Dave Meltzer, Punk went on the attack, calling out AEW boss Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley among others. With regard to Jericho, Punk said he was a “liar and a stooge.”

Appearing on the Mark Madden Show, it was put to Jericho that he probably wasn’t on Punk’s Christmas card list. The former World Champion agreed but said that it didn’t necessarily matter, adding that AEW will thrive with or without the controversial star.

“I wasn’t on Scott Hall’s Christmas card list or I wasn’t on Eric Bischoff’s Christmas card list. You don’t have to be best friends to co-exist. To me, that’s not really my wheelhouse. I’m not in charge of that. I’m sure there will be some answers to that pretty quickly, I would assume, either way. To us, AEW is going to thrive and survive with or without him. We’ll see what happens.”

CM Punk All But Agreed To AEW

Prior to the latest conflict with the now-deleted Instagram post, Punk had all but agreed to return to the company. It has been reported that a reconciliation had been agreed to “in principle.” However, the situation remains complicated.

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