Chris Jericho Slammed CM Punk As “Cancer In The Locker Room” Following AEW All Out

AEW Talents Chris Jericho & CM Punk

When CM Punk won the AEW World Championship for a second time in front of his hometown Chicago crowd he appeared to be on top of the world. However, his actions in the hours after this victory sparked chaos backstage, something which drew the ire of Chris Jericho.

After securing victory over Jon Moxley at All Out, CM Punk sat down at the post-show media scrum and unexpectedly launched into a tirade aimed at Adam Page, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana. With AEW President Tony Khan sat just feet away, Punk stunned the world by openly calling out and running down his colleagues.

Once Punk was done and away from the cameras a brawl broke out backstage which resulted in all involved being suspended and an investigation being launched.

On the night, in the wake of the incident, it was Chris Jericho who told Khan during the scrum what had taken place. Jericho was also praised many for his conduct in the days and weeks after the melee.

Chris Jericho Told CM Punk He Was A “Cancer In The Locker Room”

A new report has now revealed that Jericho actually spoke to Punk about what had unfolded and was less than complimentary towards the star. The report from Fightful Select claims that Jericho told Punk he was a “cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company.”

It is unclear exactly what Punk said in response, but it is believed that he told Jericho it wasn’t his business and to leave.

The report reiterates that Jericho was lauded for his actions in the aftermath of the media scrum, and subsequent brawl, noting he led a talent meeting a few days later. Jericho has since signed a new deal with AEW which sees his role backstage expanded.

Fightful add that they reached out to Chris Jericho about the story but didn’t hear back. However, “some close to CM Punk” confirmed that the interaction took place.