Chris Jericho Claims AEW All In Is “Like The Super Bowl”

Chris Jericho

AEW All In 2023 continues to turn heads in the wrestling business. Within hours of the show’s ticket pre-sale starting, the show had over 30,000 tickets ordered.

Then over the course of the past several days, that number has risen steadily. As of earlier this morning, it’s estimated that around 60,000 tickets have been purchased for the show.

Because of this, AEW’s wrestlers and management haven’t been shy about touting the show’s success. Even with no card announced, All In is still being hailed as a monstrous success off a huge gamble.

One person who isn’t shy about promoting his company’s strengths and successes is Chris Jericho. Jericho, who was wrestled all over the world for many different companies, knows a thing or two about wrestling on big shows and selling out giant venues.

Chris Jericho thinks that AEW All In will be a massive success regardless of match card or quality

Speaking to AEW officials, Chris Jericho thought that the name “All In” was perfect for the show and compared it to the Super Bowl.

“I think All In is aptly named because I think everybody in AEW, everybody in the world that’s associated with AEW wants to be in Wembley.

Who’s gonna be there? What are the big matches we’re gonna have? All I know is this, it’s almost like the Super Bowl, you’re gonna wanna go even if you don’t know who’s wrestling because you know you’re gonna get a huge, huge card with huge, huge matches in a huge, huge stadium.

It’s the perfect time for AEW to come to the UK, when we’re the most popular wrestling company in the country.”

Although details on number of tickets sold have been coming in regularly, there has been little news on how the show will be broadcast.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription