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Chris Jericho Calls Vince McMahon “The Worst Wrestler Ever”

Vince McMahon

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has called Vince McMahon the “worst wrestler ever” while speaking on his Talk Is Jericho podcas.

The self-proclaimed Demo God was speaking with Nick Dinsmore, formerly known as Eugene, with Dinsmore recalling how he pinned McMahon with a schoolboy to win a Handicap Match against Vince and son Shane McMahon. Jericho would add his two cents on the WWE CEO’s in-ring ability.

“Vince, the worst wrestler ever. He probably even screwed up the schoolboy.”

Meanwhile, on WWE’s The Bump, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin opened up about McMahon’s desire to be an in-ring performer and how the WWE CEO’s dad wouldn’t let him.

“Well, you know, Vince always wanted to be an in-ring performer, but his dad wouldn’t let him, so he just turned into the greatest promoter of all time. This window of opportunity opens up organically so we could start feuding together and that it puts him in the ring. Vince was not the most graceful human being in the world. I say that with all due respect because I love working with him.”

Vince McMahon hasn’t wrestled since 2010 when he took on Bret Hart at WrestleMania XXVI, but did compete in over 50 matches across his in-ring career. However, Kevin Owens recently revealed nixed plans for a match with the WWE CEO.

h/t Sportskeeda